Let's solve your dinner problems

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a diet that solved all our problems with gluten, lactose, carbs and cholesterol at once? So that we had a go-to spot when we wanted it to find something nice and good to have for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Of for snacks inbetween?

For whom?

This cookbook is for you if you are gluten and lactose intolerant, and need the benefits of a low-carb, and low-cholesterol diet, but a tasty one!

Not for you if...

This cookbook is nog for you if you have true allergies for gluten and lactose for instance. These recipes do not avoid ingredients that may contain trace elements of gluten and lactose.


How to use this cook book?

There are different ways you can use this cookbook. You can just sporadically check recipes that you need for a once-off dinner. Or you can follow our daily or monthly menu’s, so that you don’t need to wrack your brain about what’s to be on the menu tonight, for instance.


Are you ready?

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